ADERO cargo transportation

If your company or yourself need any kind of logistics services, then you have come to the right place.





in the organization and coordination of international cargo transportation.

Logistics services

Our range of services includes everything needed to deliver your cargo efficiently and reliably from point A to point B, regardless of the size and destination of the cargo. Since 2010, we have provided high quality services for more than 5500 for companies and individuals, offering all types of cargo transportation services to and from more than 27 countries of the world.

Cargo transportation

We carry out cargo transportation that meets your needs and requirements - full, combined, with temperature control, oversized, etc.

Customs declarations

We will help you prepare customs declarations to and from non-EU countries.

Warehouse services

We provide warehouse for storage, sorting, labeling and assembly of thermal cargo (fresh and frozen) and dry cargo.

ADEROteam has professionals of this industry, whose specialty and daily life is cargo transportation.
Experience gained over many years and practical knowledge in logistics and related services, as well as temper in solving various non-standard situations, are our added value.

Excellent reputation

ADERO is a wide-profile logistics service company with more than 10 years of successful experience in organizing and coordinating international cargo transportation.

Over the years, we have proven ourselves as a reliable partner for our customers and subcontractors around the world. So far have been carried out almost 80 000 cargo transportations.

Among them are both standard, general cargo transportation, as well as international cargo transportation of complex and large-scale projects, the execution of which would not be possible without in-depth understanding of logistics processes and experience.

5500+collaboration partners
27+reachable countries
80 000+cargo transported